About us

“il Pentolino” – pasta bar & easy bagels, is an italian restaurant and an american bagel bakery – two different culinary styles combined together into one unique and charming place, situated close to the center of the southern city, Eilat.

“il Pentolino” offers not only wonderful dishes, but also a quiet atmosphere, a pastoral garden and a breathtaking view of the desert mountains surrounding the city. You can enjoy dinner in the large balcony or indoors, in the air-conditioned restaurant.

The menu offers kosher dairy italian food , as well as tasty american bagles. Jacob Alfasi, the experienced chef, runs the open kitchen which allowes the costumers to see their dish beeing cooked with their own eyes – many sorts of pasta and Noodles, various choises of giabattas, pizza, fish, soups, and much more… (and of course, the wonderful salads, that can be made as a speacial order). The food is rich and authentic, and some of the dishes are beeing served on a hot pan, just like in Italy.

The unique american bagles are made by an original recipe, and the flour is home-made. With the bagles, can be also ordered the speacial home-made spreads.

The “il Pentolino” chefs use only high quality ingredients and fresh kosher food, and the place is kept clean and tidy. The fair prices on the menu make another good reason to make a worthwhile visit to “il Pentolino”…